Pentan Architects is pleased to announce that, from 1st August 2016, over half of its 25 staff will be share-holding members of the practice. Martin Doyle, Claire Griffiths, Karen Lock, Lindsey Rees, Michael Riley, Jordan Scarr, Dafydd Tanner, Chris Wilkins and Geraint Williams have now joined John Carter, Jim Dale, Ed Green, Andrew Hole, Andrew Lewis, Alun Lock and Stephen Thwaites as shareholding members of Pentan Architects.


This is a considerable widening of the shares-ownership base of Pentan Architects and, coming 21 years after the formation of the practice, represents a significant step towards its ambition of common ownership.


The four founding and still-very-active directors, Andrew, Jim, John & Steve are delighted that so many of their colleagues have shown such a wholehearted commitment to Pentan; and they look forward to a further expansion of ownership in the future. They make the point that the Pentan team is its most valuable resource; and highlight this significant ownership move as further evidence of the Pentan ‘family’ spirit in action, as it strives to meet and, if it can, exceed its clients’ aspirations.